International Lazarus Days 2017


The Order of Saint Lazarus Meets the
500th Anniversary of the Reformation –

Our Ecumenical Way
August 31st – September 3rd, 2017


Lazarus Days 2017
Erfurt & Wartburg Castle

Cordially welcome!

The Grand Bailiwick of Germany in St. Lazarus
The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem,
invites the sisters and brethren of the Order from near and far and the friends and supporters of our hospitaller society to a special event in the year 2017.

From August 31st to September 03rd, 2017, we will jointly celebrate the “International LAZARUS DAYS 2017” in Thuringia. We will be guests in the Thuringian State Capital ERFURT and at the historical site of WARTBURG CASTLE in Eisenach.

The meeting will focus on the question: How do we – not only in our Order, but in the entire Christian community – handle ecumenical ideas now and in the future, 500 years after Martin Luther’s Posting of the Theses in 1517 and the ensuing Reformation?

As an ecumenical order with 1000 years of history, we as the Grand Bailiwick of ST. LAZARUS in the country of the Reformation feel called upon.
Let us get together in worship, in prayer, in singing, in lectures on ecumenism and hospitaller commitment, and at a public charity concert for our Syria Aid, and start discussions.

Please accept our invitation

The Bailiff the Grand Bailiwick of Germany
State Secretary (Ret’d.) Clemens Stroetmann GCLJ GCMLJ

We look forward to welcoming you to Erfurt and Wartburg Castle.

Meeting Luther and Bach

“The state capital of the Free State of Thuringia, Erfurt, is located centrally in Germany. Referred to as the green heart of the country, it is known not only as a cathedral city and city of flowers, but also as the traditional place of the monastic days of Martin Luther and
a place of diversity.”

The first documented mention dates back as far as the year 742. The city flourished in the Middle Ages. Wonderful buildings and the almost entirely preserved old town testify to Erfurt’s special significance. After 1989, many buildings in danger of decaying were restored carefully, giving the city its present-day flair.

Wartburg Castle, overlooking Eisenach in Thuringia, is linked to the history of Germany as no other castle in the country is. In 1999, the UNESCO declared the castle a “World Heritage Site of Humanity”. The great historical significance from St. Elisabeth to Martin Luther was the motivation for this award! “

Wartburg Castle towers proudly and conspicuously above the Thuringian state capital of Eisenach. It was the first German castle to be included into the UNESCO’s World Heritage List! Here one thousand years of great German history manifest in an impressive manner.
The castle is a central element of the Luther Year 2017.

Wartburg Castle

1000 years full of history and life

Richard Wagner:
Entry of the Guests on Wartburg Castle

Sonat Vox:
our voice of the hospitaller aids for the school project in Rayak (charity concerts)